Why consult an osteopath?

Here are some health issues that can be treated

Why consult an osteopath?

For your health issues or as a simple preventive measure, the osteopath will assess your entire body and note restrictions in movement in the following areas: musculoskeletal, visceral and cranial.

The osteopath will first look for blockages and tensions throughout your body. Then, will restore the balance of your many systems, encouraging harmony throughout.

Keeping in mind that the source of the problem is not always where the pain is. The osteopath helps to reduce the pain, therefore decreasing the intensity, frequency and duration. Osteopathy encourages a return to balance and self-healing of the body.


The osteopath treats newborns, infants, children and even teenagers at each stage of their development. Keep your eyes open for any small signs that may indicate a problem; a baby that turns his head more often to one side, sleep that is agitated, cries and pulling of the ears or holding his head etc.

Anxiety Regurgitation Learning Disabilities
Bad sleep Developmental delays Colitis (abdominal spasm)
Malformation of the skull Torticollis Attention Deficit
Ear infection Bladder issues  

Pulmonary system

Have you ever suffered from pneumonia? This infection is smeared in the lungs, fascias and lobes. Through manipulations, the osteopath helps maintain the balance of the respiratory system.

The osteopath can help reduce tension on the respiratory tract and can treat:

Palpitation Asthma Bronchitis
Pain in the chest Respiratory allergies  

Digestive system

Do you hesitate to have a meal with a friend, knowing that you have digestive issues, stomach pain, or heartburn? Do you suffer from constipation, bloating, liver problems (lazy liver) or colitis? Your osteopath can help with your digestive problems.

Urinary system

For some, winter sports are avoided because their bladder cannot stand the cold. For others, it is often lower abdominal bloating that is painful.

Do you have any of the following?

A weak pelvic floor Inflammation or bloating Incontinence/ leaky bladder
Kidney problems    

Gynecological system

Did you know that certain gynecological disorders alter the structure of the pelvis? The osteopath seek to maintain the balance of the reproductive system during pregnancy and after childbirth. The osteopath prevents static foot problems, sciatica and even back pain. These help the mothers after childbirth.

The osteopath can treat:

Menstrual pain Infertility Anomalies related to childbirth
Endometriosis Monitoring during pregnancy Postpartum recovery

Muscle and skeletal system

The osteopath can help relieve your chronic pain:

Torticollis or neck pain Muscle pain Knees
Headaches Herniated disk Feet
Migraines Backache Ankles
TMJ/ jaw pain Ankylosing spondylitis Sprain
la m√Ęchoire les douleurs au bassin l'entorse
Tendinitis Pelvic Fractures
Bursitis Hips or sciatic pain Stress
Arthritis Tailbone pain  

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