Choose the right osteopath for you

Tips that will makes your research easier

Choose the right osteopath

Choosing the right osteopath for yourself is an important step in relieving your symptoms. These tips will help with your search:

  • An osteopath is a healthcare professional that is skilled to relieve pain
  • Know your health problem and related symptoms
  • Prepare your questions and concerns
  • Contact us to get referrals for professional osteopaths in your area, whom are members of the Society of Osteopath of Canada and graduated DO's.

The profession

Osteopathy is a manual medicine. It is the art of using ones hands to treat physical restrictions, limitations and lesions caused by accidents or repetitive injuries, which are common to many sports and jobs. The therapeutic approach makes this practice unique.

The profession of osteopath treats their clients as a whole, instead of treating their symptoms only. We are much more than our individual body parts.

Osteopathy has changed lives of millions, some of which includes John D. Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, former Presidents Roosevelt, Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy, to name a few.

There is an increasing demand for qualified osteopaths, due to a growing desire to solve health issues in a more natural, holistic way. Despite an era of spectacular medical advances and a multitude of medication, osteopathy brings you the best of what alternative medicine has to offer. Osteopaths can specialize in cranial to visceral, without overlooking structural osteopathy. This profession resorts to techniques in order to help diagnose and treat hands-on. Osteopathy adds a new dimension to health care, as a non-invasive therapy, to treat and prevent illness and injury.

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